The rise of Among Us is all about space

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Image Courtesy: Among Us Game via Twitter

Throughout 2020 there have been numerous trends in the entertainment industry, particularly related to video games. In March, the tech giant Nintendo launched Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch, another addition to its cult-classic series Animal Crossing. It was the most talked-about game in the world for months following its release, until September, when conversations on social media shifted towards the game Among Us.

Among Us is an online multiplayer deduction game launched by the indie developer Innersloth in 2018. In the game, 4–10 spaceship crewmates are tasked with completing challenges to stabilize the ship. However, there is…

A joke turned reality reveals the power of brand loyalty

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Photo by Taun Stewart on Unsplash

Before anyone gets too emotionally invested in the prospect of meeting their equally electrified soulmate: a matchmaking app for Tesla owners doesn’t exist — yet. However, developer and eCommerce entrepreneur Ajitpal Grewal proved the creation of one could be successful.

His idea for Tesla Dating, a dating service designed exclusively for verified owners of Tesla electric cars, has already attracted 1,000 people eager to sign up.

It’s no secret that Tesla fans are like no other. To know of Tesla is to know someone with a Tesla— the company behind the innovative vehicles doesn’t advertise. Enthusiasm for Tesla Inc.’s …

Don’t confuse angry people

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Photo by Kenta Kikuchi on Unsplash

All dessert lovers know the name Halo Top Creamery, the brand behind the first low-calorie light ice cream whose flavors rival the real thing. Halo Top has been the sweet treat of choice for those seeking healthier variations of ice cream since 2017, the year Halo Top beat out industry giants like Ben & Jerry’s for the spot of No. 1 best selling ice cream pint in the United States. However, the taste level of Halo Top’s latest campaign, “Stop Shoulding Yourself,” is questionable.

On June 24, Halo Top launched a series of campaign videos ranging from 15 to 30…

How the top reseller platform makes its earnings second-hand

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Photo by Jon Cellier on Unsplash

Now more than ever, opportunities to make money from home are sought after. Many people have turned to content creation, virtual assistant gigs, and various eCommerce ventures to generate extra income and transition away from traditional office jobs. A popular side hustle and avenue towards working from home is online reselling, sourcing items from thrift stores or personal closets and listing them on virtual marketplaces. …

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